Email & SMS Marketing

TMDigital is Digital Marketing Company of TechMainstay Software Pvt Ltd.

Promotional messaging and communication acts as a great way of mobile marketing as it is comparatively cheap. With the Promotional SMS Services of Bulk SMS Gateway, it has become even cheaper and efficient. Our exclusive promotional messaging services can help you in boosting your business to the right pace as needed.

For far too long, sending bulk SMS campaigns has been like shooting in the dark. As a marketing manager, you receive little data or insights into campaign performance, making it frustratingly difficult to test, measure, modify and optimize campaigns. TMDigital changes the game by bringing in unprecedented visibility to your SMS campaign performance. Using Email & SMS marketing as an indicator for customer engagement, we can compose the right SMS message and send it to the right audience at the right time.

Why our Promotional Services are the best..?

Bulk SMS Gateway provides the amazingly fast and reliable Bulk SMS services, with multiple exciting features like -

  1. Quick Lead Generation
  2. No extra software requirements
  3. Interactive reports
  4. Powerful gateway
  5. Immediate Message Delivery to Non-DND numbers

A good website, B2B reputation is considered good but the direct approach to your customer is still the most powerful way to generate leads and grab customers. Delivering promotional messages directly to customer's inbox, therefore, reaps unlimited benefits in generating worthy leads.